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The Nike Jr. Magista Obra II Big Kids\’ Firm-GroundSoccer Cleat is engineered for the next generation of playmakers. Its adaptive fit and textured exterior help keep you agile and in control as you dribble past defenders.

Dynamic Fit

An innovative Dynamic Fit collar connects with a formfitting upper, allowing the cleat to act as a natural extension of your foot.

Natural Touch

An innovative 3D texture offers a natural feel for the ball during skills practice or competition.

Incredible Traction

A rotational forefoot lets you make lightning-fast turns, while notched cleats at the heel offer brilliant braking power.

More Details

  • EVA sockliner helps to reduce cleat pressure
  • Asymmetrical lacing system expands ball control area
  • Color: Rio Teal/Obsidian/Volt
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wholesale nfl jerseys Rescue came with helicopters and ships but not all passengers can be rescued at once. The weather was extremely bad and one of the rescue ships also had an engine failure. The life boats also had to be called back. I eat grass fed beef and wild caught salmon. (Mostly because store bought meats are fed most of the above foods mentioned and by eating those meats you aren completely cutting them out.) I do intermittent fasting (8 on, 16 off) and don eat before bed for at least 5 hours. Proper sleep is very important, and so is exercise.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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